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Our Services

Copper Leaf's landscape management provides year-round grounds maintenance services for institutional, commercial, governmental and private residential properties.

The highly trained staff is skilled in the complete horticultural care of lawns, ground covers, shrubs and trees. The carefully monitored, full service maintenance program may include:

   Seasonal Color installation and maintenance
   Mowing, edging and weed-eating of lawns
   Horticulture: Pruning and mulching of shrub bed areas
   Weed management in planting beds
   Irrigation system monitoring and repair
   Leaf and snow removal
   Parking lot cleaning

A professionally managed landscape "grows" in value each year.

Lawn Mowing

Includes mowing edging, weed eating and blowing.


Includes trimming of shrubs and small ornamental trees in flower bed areas and clean up. (billed by the hour)

Tree Prunning

Includes pruning tree branches for structure of tree, raising branches above houses, fences, walkways, driveways and streets. We also clean the canopy of the tree to help with sunlight and cleanup. (billed by the hour)

Flowerbed Cleaned

Includes removing grass and weeds from bedding areas and rework the top soil. (bill by the hour)

Flowers Planted

For this service we charge by the flat, there are 18 plants in a flat and covers a 2' x 3' area. The service is $35 per flat. This covers the cost of flowers, the soil mix, flower fertilizer, labor to do the job and the time it takes to track down and purchase the necessary materials. We have a 3 flat minimum. Purchase 50 flats or more and get a discount.

Mulch Added

Mulch added to the top of the flowerbeds will add eye appeal, help keep the plants moist, protect against harsh weather and even help in keeping the weeds down if put on thick enough. The cost varies by type of mulch plus an hourly labor charge to put it in. Once a year is usually enough to replenish your mulch levels. (If the beds have lots of grass and weeds they first must be cleaned.)

Rain Gutters Cleaned

Clean rain gutters for proper drainage.

Spring Scalping

This is lawn mowing cut on a low level, this is needed to help your summer lawn to come alive. This is a spring only service. Since this is more labor intensive there is an additional charge above normal lawn service pricing.

Irrigation Checks and Repairs

We will come to your home and check your existing irrigation system zone by zone checking for leaks, broken heads, spray patterns, inspect wiring and program irrigation controller.

Emergency Cleanup

Copper Leaf Landscaping & Maintenance offers Emergency 24 hour storm cleanup after any type storm including snow & ice.

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